Menininko meniu

Apie V. Čepinskį (anglų k.)

I have great pleasure in recommending the young Lithuanian virtuoso Vilhelmas Cepinskis and his wonderfull ensemble Camerata Klaipeda.Together they perform music of the  greatest variety and originality with real commitment and talent.V.Cepinskis is himself a violinist of particular sensitivity and his arrangement and rendering of Piazzolla’s“Four Seasons in Buenos Aires is simply irresistible.

                     Yan Pascal Tortelier,
                     conductor of the BBC Philharmonic and Pittsburgh Symphony  Orchestra

It was a great inspiration. Never before have I heard a better Piazzolla recording-you are promoting an orchestra that oviously reserves worldwide attention.I met Piazzolla only once [….] He would be really proud of what Camerata Klaipeda has created from his music

                      Fabiano Canosa,
                      producer and film programmer for New York’s Symphony Space Theater,program curator of the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival.

It is amazing that the performance of the musicians shows the main quality criteria,engafted by its Artistic Director Vilhelmas Cepinskis;top mastery,clear implementation of creative intentions,flamboyance of sound,astonishing contrivance,glamour and elegance.

                        Pavel Berman

I heard and I am very happy that Vilhelmas Cepinskis has managed to team up a young and dashing collective that not only fulfills classical pieces but also dares to present experimental works and events such as L.Feuillade’s „Fantomas“

                           Jonas Mekas
                           filmmaker,writer,curator,the „godfather of American avantgarde filmmaking“,founder of Anthology Film Archives.

Camerata Klaipeda is the highest scale collective.Orchestra has original and unic artistic aims.They’re playing is viruosic,groups has balanced.deep and nice sound. […}

Mr.Vilhelmas Cepinskis,artistic director of Camerata Klaipeda,is wonderful musician,talented violinist and manager. […]

I would like to note a briliant V.Cepinskis arrangement of B.Martinu Sonata for two violins and orchestra.

I am sure that this work soon will fill everyones violin players repertoire.

Camerata Klaipeda undoubtedly is the best Lithuanian orchestra and one of the bests I played with

                                Prof. Oleg Krysa
        Laureate of international competitions

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in support of the candidacy of Mr. Vilhelmas Cepinskis for the position of violinist with your renowned Trio.
In addition to being a world class virtuoso, Mr. Cepinskis possesses a sincere and profound approach to music, making him a complete musician. His piano playing, his orchestral transcriptions, as well as his own compositions, are truly impressive.

As a friend and colleague, I have also witnessed his flawless sight-reading and his ability to learn any piece in a matter of a few days or hours.

His warm sound and subtle expressiveness have always been spellbinding.

Finally, I would like to mention his remarkable human qualities: truthfullness, loyalty, and respect which are an integral part of his personality.

                                                                   Pavel Berman

Since his early childhood, Mr. Cepinskis was, and still is, one of the greatest names in Baltic Heritage. 

                        Modestas Pitrenas
                        Lithuanian national symphony orchestra chief conductor

I was fortunate to observe the musical path of Vilhelmas Cepinskis, a true child prodigy, from the age of ten. The very first time that I heard him play, I was convinced that I was listening to one of the phenomenal players of our time and, having heard him countless times, this  feeling has not left me to this day,  His „old school“ style reminds one of Jascha Heifetz also matching it with incredible lightness and virtuosity, nevertheless, remaining deeply individual. His certain musical „conservatism,“ paradoxically, has true novelty and freshness today.

When I played chamber music with him, as well as sonatas, trios and double concertos, I discovered another amazing quality of this great musician. Whatever setting he is in, whether it be his chamber orchestra, trio or duo, he is able to transmit his virtuosity to his partners. Playing with Vilhelmas is easy, despite the highest artistic standards that he expects from his partners, as well as from himself. When playing together, you feel inevitably and pleasantly compelled to be at your best.

Vilhelmas Cepinskis as a truly fantastic violinist, musician, chamber orchestra conductor, and composer of many arrangements and compositions.

                           Prof. Petras Geniusas